What the ***T?!

You and your team are deep in the throes of your implementation or migration.  Tireless planning, long days and at times what seem to be endless decisions are debated and resolved.  And then it happens, one of your colleagues uses a four-letter word and the needle on the record screeches to a halt.  You cringe at the sound of someone else repeating the same four-letter word. Before you know it, that foul word is all anyone on the call can talk about. TEST.  How do we plan to test?  Who is going to test?  What do we test?

What the TEST is going on here?!

Testing in the UKG Ecosystem: A Dual Perspective

As someone who has been both a customer and a partner in the UKG ecosystem, I have lived on both sides of this equation.  Testing your UKG solution, early, often and with confident repeatability is critically important.  However, it is fairly commonplace for customer project teams to lack a sufficient number of team members that have the time, expertise and technical ability to complete this work manually.   Therefore, testing has often been relegated to the back seat where the terms – “We will do what we can” or “Enough to check the box” are used.

The Evolution of Testing: From Burden to Empowerment

Fast-forward to 2024 where testing or having a plan to TEST does not need to carry such a burdensome stigma for you and your organization.  At Simms & Associates we believe in empowering our diverse group of talented team members with the best technology to assist our customers.  That is why we are betting heavily on TestAssure automated testing.  Working with your project team to build smarter, more efficient ways to complete the testing for your project enables your team to provide greater value by focusing on what is being tested and the results – instead of performing the monotonous and unrepeatable manual exercises of entering test data to meet specific criteria over and over and over again.

Turning Testing into Your Superpower

Our team’s goal is help you focus your team’s time and effort where it is most valuable.  Eliminate the risks associated with insufficient testing as well as the extra time that manual testing requires.  With our Simmsociates as your total implementation partners, our team can guide you through the testing phase and help put your mind at ease leading up to go live.

Not only will we help you create, validate, and execute automated tests, we can give you the safety and security that what you tested weeks ago, is still working correctly today.  That is the fantastic power of automated regression testing.  Your team will be delivered weekly regression summary reports outlining any areas where tests were unable to run or failed to produce the expected results.  This type of repeated testing helps prevent any surprises during your go live.

Instead of allowing testing to be a burden for your team, let’s make a plan together to turn testing into your superpower! Contact us to find out more.


By Scott Dixon, Solution Consultant / Alliance Manager TestAssure