What is going to give

Some are being told they must go back to work, but equally many need to go back to work. Gradually the pressure is growing to come out of our shell. Recently, PM Boris Johnson announced that the government is going to give employers more discretion in bringing staff back to work. But what does that mean?


I am lucky I can work from home, but so many people aren’t. Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser, commented that there is “absolutely no reason’ to change the guidance. In other words, we cannot afford to continue as we have, but we really should. 


My thoughts go out to all those in Retail and Hospitality, whose job not only demands they’re out there … but their work needs us to be out there as well. UK Business Secretary, Alok Sharma claims High Streets across the country will spring back to life. I am not sure how long he thinks that will take..It still looks awfully quiet when I venture into town and I doubt they achieve 50% of pre-lockdown turnover. 


Professionally I cannot help but wonder what this means for staffing levels? And with things still changing, how will the High Street manage scheduling and pay? Plenty of stores I have worked with use Excel to make a roster so when you need doormen, crowd control in-store and the revenue is down … it all becomes quite challenging. 


It does not have to be like this of course… 

By: Michiel Lely

Director, Professional Services