Walking the Talk: Simms & Associates’ True Commitment to Work-Life Balance

In today’s corporate landscape, the concept of work-life balance has become a buzzword, with companies eagerly adopting it as part of their core values. However, the reality often falls short, and employees are often faced with empty promises when it comes time to actually putting it into practice. This phenomenon can be seen as a form of “greenwashing” in the realm of human resources, where companies boast about their commitment to work-life balance without truly delivering on their promises. Fortunately, I am privileged to work at Simms & Associates, a company that not only preaches but practices what it advocates.

Living the Promise

As a training and education manager at Simms & Associates, I have experienced firsthand the significance of leading by example. Our CEO, Amanda Simms, spearheads a work environment that truly embraces flexibility and freedom, allowing employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. As long as our customers are satisfied, and our work is completed efficiently, we are empowered to mold our schedules to suit our personal lives.

Unwavering Support

One of the aspects that stands out the most is the unwavering support Simms & Associates provides to its employees. I have never felt a sense of job insecurity when I have needed to take personal time off. I have recently added a little human to my family, and this was not only met with joy and celebration, but also with support and freedom. I have seen this countless times for my co-workers as well. Whether we need to take time to care for a child, attend to aging parents, or deal with the difficult process of grieving, we have always been met with understanding and empathy rather than reproach. This level of support is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive work environment.

The Freedom to Prioritize

Simms & Associates recognizes that we are all multifaceted individuals with personal responsibilities outside of work. The company allows us the freedom to balance these responsibilities with our professional ones. This level of trust and understanding allows us to schedule our work according to our needs.

An Inclusive Company Culture

Being a part of Simms & Associates’ management team since its inception has been an extraordinary experience. Within this organization, I am treated as an equal, with my voice valued and my opinions respected. The company acknowledges our diverse abilities and understands that setbacks are merely steppingstones towards growth. Mistakes are viewed as learning experiences, rather than failures. This inclusive approach creates an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and empowered to contribute their best work.

Mutual Trust and Commitment

The unique aspect of Simms & Associates’ approach to work-life balance is that it cultivates an environment where employees reciprocate the trust and freedom given to them. Rather than abusing this flexibility, we embrace it with gratitude. Feeling valued and respected, we willingly give back our time and dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to the company. This mutual trust and unwavering commitment establish a harmonious synergy between employees and the organization, resulting in an exceptionally low turnover rate. Our employees choose to stay because they find true happiness and equilibrium within our company.

Leading by Example

From the moment new employees step foot into Simms & Associates, they witness and feel the essence of our unwavering commitment to work-life balance. Our management team serves as a shining beacon of integrity and authenticity, leading by example. They embody the very principles we hold dear and demonstrate their dedication to employee well-being through their actions. New employees see it from the get-go, they feel it, they hear it, and they then thankfully get to experience it.

Rather than needing to teach these concepts to new joiners, our corporate culture naturally ingrains them. Our commitment to work-life balance is deeply rooted in every aspect of our organization. It permeates the atmosphere, inspiring and motivating everyone to prioritize their well-being. By actively promoting and embracing a healthy work-life balance, we create a culture where employees thrive and find fulfillment. It is this culture that nurtures and sustains our team, ensuring their happiness and success.


In a world where many companies merely pay lip service to work-life balance, Simms & Associates stands out as a beacon of true commitment. Through their genuine dedication to providing a flexible and supportive work environment, they exemplify the essence of work-life balance. As an employee, I am grateful for the opportunities and freedom afforded to me at Simms & Associates, and I proudly contribute my time and effort to the company’s success. Let us hope that more organizations will take notice and move beyond the greenwashing of work-life balance, embracing the transformative power of truly practicing what they preach.

By: Christine Ruchay

Training, Education and Pre-Sales Manager