Simms & Associates and SCM Consultores Announce Strategic Partnership

The partnership between these two powerhouses in retail workforce management formalised in Europe and Latin America


Madrid, 22 March 2021 – Simms & Associates (S&A) and SCM Consultores (SCM), specialised in retail workforce management (WFM), are happy to announce a new strategic partnership, which will expand coverage of S&A’s Kwenta in Latin America and bring SCM’s MyPalTime to Europe.

S&A and SCM are specialised in retail and committed to helping their customers navigate these changing times. As such, both companies offer practical solutions that allow retailers to adapt and adjust the way they operate for the foreseeable future. Both S&A and SCM’s solutions show immediate employee and customer experience improvements while keeping them safe.

S&A released Kwenta, a tool that allows retailers to manage in the moment with real-time traffic data and adapt to capacity limit changes. It also provides easy to understand visualisations at a glance, customised to be meaningful to managers, employees, or customers. Amanda Simms, CEO of S&A, commented that “Kwenta was designed to get data in the hands of retail managers when they need it most so they can better manage in the moment.  What happened yesterday is good to know, but they need to be able to see clearly what’s happening now in order to react quickly.”

SCM brought out MyPalTime, a mobile biometric solution that allows staff to punch in and out from their mobile phones and supports fingerprint and facial recognition identification. By using their own devices, employees can keep safe and use a tool already familiar to them while avoiding buddy punching.  Miguel Angel Alfaro, CEO SCM LATAM, explained that “for the promotion of MyPalTime we have defined different types of campaigns that have worked in the region, incorporating this solution in companies that have UKG (legacy Kronos) technology, and where it has been a natural fit in their systems.”

Both Kwenta and MyPalTime are part of the UKG Marketplace as Technology partners and Covid-19 Solutions. UKG is a leading global provider of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery and WFM solutions. Both Kwenta and MyPalTime are fully integrated with UKG Dimensions, which is the first next-generation WFM solution. It delivers artificial intelligence, real-time analytics, and a fully responsive user experience to empower employees and unburden managers. The open application programming interface (API) framework makes it quick and simple for customers to extend the value of their WFM investment with innovative and proven partner applications that drive user adoption.

By establishing a formal partnership, S&A and SCM LATAM can make the most of their synergies and amplify their coverage to customers. S&A will expand their solution offerings by bringing MyPalTime to EMEA, and Kwenta will be provided in Latin America thanks to SCM.  Both companies have an attractive proposal of products and services with global demand.

Amanda Simms had this to say about the partnership: “SCM and S&A have such similar values to serve our customers that it was only natural for us to work together. We are proud to represent MyPalTime in EMEA and more than happy to have Kwenta expanded in LATAM by SCM.”

Miguel Alfaro said, “I am very excited to bring Kwenta by S&A to our customers in Latin America. It represents an expansion of our product line to offer retailers in LATAM the very best, which SCM has a reputation for doing. And we know that MyPalTime is in good hands in EMEA with S&A.”

About Simms & Associates
Founded in Madrid, Simms & Associates is an advisory consulting and systems implementation firm with proven expertise in delivering enterprise software and system integration projects internationally. With 20+ years of global experience, the company’s professional services span the full project cycle, from requirements identification and implementation through change management and user support to evaluation and continuous improvement. Its boutique size, coupled with enterprise capabilities, allows Simms & Associates to focus on individual needs, providing customers with dedicated support and guidance.

About SCM Consultores

SCM is a workforce management consulting firm in Latin America with more than 20 years of experience in leading-edge technologies and best practices for human resources management, with an emphasis on large companies. When it comes to workforce management, SCM places its customers at the forefront of knowledge and innovation.