Driving Strategic Objectives: The Imperative for Change and Engagement in Workforce Management Solution Implementations

Recently exploring a report on Statista, I came across a staggering projection – companies are expected to spend a substantial $3.4 trillion U.S. dollars on digitisation and automation by 2026. This prompted me to ponder a crucial aspect often overlooked amidst the enthusiasm for technological advancements: How will these companies effectively navigate the accompanying change?

This concern is underscored by a study from McKinsey, dating back to 2015, revealing a disconcerting statistic that 70 percent of change programs face failure, primarily due to employee resistance and a lack of management support. While acknowledging that this study is not the most recent, from my daily experiences in the business, it is evident that the importance of change management is still frequently overlooked. Importantly, the study highlights that a genuine investment from individuals increases the likelihood of change success by 30 percent. As we find ourselves in the midst of this era of digital transformation, the need to address the challenges of change management becomes not just evident but critical to ensuring the success of these substantial technological investments.

As the EMEA Professional Services Practice Manager at Simms & Associates, a trusted authorised reseller and implementation partner of UKG, I know the transformative power of Workforce Management Solutions, particularly UKG Pro (formerly UKG Dimensions). In this blog, I will explore the critical link between change, engagement, and the successful implementation of a Workforce Management Solution, all while aligning with strategic objectives.

The Need for Change

Change is a constant, and businesses that embrace it are better positioned for success. As organisations evolve, so do their workforce management needs. Whether you operate in retail, manufacturing, hospitality, or healthcare, the ability to adapt to change is crucial. Implementing a Workforce Management Solution, such as UKG Pro, is not merely a technological upgrade—it’s a strategic move to optimise operations, enhance efficiency, and meet evolving business demands.

Aligning with Strategic Objectives

Every successful business strategy begins with a set of clear objectives. Whether it’s improving operational efficiency, enhancing employee productivity, or increasing customer satisfaction, the requirements and implementation of a Workforce Management Solution must align seamlessly with these strategic goals. By integrating UKG Pro into your operations, businesses gain a powerful tool that not only streamlines workforce management but also acts as a catalyst for achieving broader organisational objectives.

Enhancing Engagement

Engagement is the linchpin that holds successful implementations together. From leadership to front-line employees, everyone must be invested in the process for it to yield optimal results. The key is fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication. UKG Pro’s user-friendly interface, coupled with our advisory and consulting services, ensures that your team is not just using the system but actively engaging with it to drive positive change.

Increasing ROI through Successful Utilisation

Return on Investment (ROI) is a primary concern for businesses considering a Workforce Management Solution. A successful implementation goes beyond the initial setup—it hinges on how well the system is managed and utilised.Our managed services at Simms & Associates are designed to guide your team in fully leveraging the capabilities of UKG Pro. From customised training to ongoing support, we ensure that your investment translates into measurable returns.

Meeting Concerns with Empathy

As highlighted in a recent Forbes article, the ‘growing pains’ of tech upgrades stem from inadequate change management processes during large-scale software rollouts. Often, end-users are not involved in the decision-making process, leading to resistance and practical difficulties. Its important to remember that the system supports your strategic objectives and requires leadership to perform optimally.

For a software implementation to be truly effective, multi-level buy-in is essential. Company leaders and managers must work with implementation specialists to facilitate an effective and empathetic rollout. Acknowledging employees’ concerns and providing context for change are vital steps. Training, both during work hours and compensating for outside hours, ensures employees understand and embrace the benefits of the new system.

Maintaining Consistent Communication

Establishing a regular pattern of communication between the software provider and company liaison is key. Regular check-ins help minimise disruption, set expectations, and ensure successful implementation. Simms & Associates stands ready to be your trusted partner, navigating the complexities of change and empowering your workforce through a seamless UKG Pro implementation.


In the dynamic landscape of business operations, the need for change and engagement is non-negotiable. As the EMEA Professional Services Practice Manager at Simms & Associates, I’ve seen organisations thrive by strategically implementing UKG Pro. By aligning with your business’s objectives, fostering engagement, and maximising the utilisation of this powerful Workforce Management Solution, you can drive positive change and elevate your organisation to new heights. Embrace the future of workforce management with UKG Pro, and let Simms & Associates be your trusted partner on this transformative journey.

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By Donna Stephenson – Practice Manager EMEA